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Long time no update, Possible Canadian Trip 2018

Posted by MonsieurZim - February 12th, 2018

YES! Well, It's been 8 years Since my last Trip to the neighbors of the North aka CANADA.

A lot of people asked me about my last trip, I went to the east coast of Canada and I went to see a couple of things:

1) The Heavily Chinatown in Toronto that it's actually like a town unlike the ones in the USA. 

2) Niagara Falls and CN Tower, Luckily I almost Surpassed my fear of Heights.

3) Eat Heavily on Cantonese style - Canadian Food. My god, It sure beats NYC on this [take it from me ok?]

Luckily, I have met some people there in Canada and Unfortunately, I didn't meet my Canadian best buddy who lived there in Toronto. Well, This time I won't go to the eastern Coast of Canada but the west. You named it and guessed it Vancouver, BC. 

Now Now.... I understand that I need to speak French as well there. It's actually not easy for me to speak French in General. I can master German, Mandarin and English well but French is Difficult. The Third Language there [It will be official in the future trust me again] is Cantonese. Believe it or not, A bunch of people from Hong Kong Settle there and etc. I'm not a Cantonese Chinese so.... It may have Language Barrier issues let's just see....

I have 2 Flash Projects going on right now, I can't announce them at the moment... Sssshh It has to be kept as a secret until I post it. 

Pardonne-moi, Si mon Français n’est pas à jour. Comme j’ai mentionné, j’aibesoin de travailler sur mon Français, 

mais aussi des autreslangues. 

That's probably something I can say in French, I know that in Canada  French is pretty basic next to English of course. Now, If you want I'll show you what I have in Canadian Dollars. I even had some old ones saved out from my past Canadian Trip. 

Also..... Last time I was with my Cousin and Uncle. This time however, I'm going there by myself. Yeah, I know SOL for me if anything happens but at least the healthcare there is better.. but that's not saying too much really. 

Note: If anyone can Guess How much this is in CAD or Canadian Dollars then I might show you what kind of souvenir I'd get after the trip this TIME. No B.S. I can promise this much!