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4/20 and Moving again Updates

Posted by MonsieurZim - April 20th, 2018

                  Uhhhh......... Yeah, So Basically I am proud to say that 4/20 this year is on a Friday! What I'm not Proud of is I'm moving again! Damn, This is probably the 4th Time I'm moving out of my Apartment and moving Elsewhere. Yeah, So is life in the West Coast easy? Nope, It's actually just as Complicated as all hell! Well, Here's what's gonna happen.... I'm gonna have to rent a storage space for 3 months starting somewhere in May. In Mid-August of this year I'm moving back in California and trying to figure out how the hell could I find a Stable place to live? Yeah.... In the Meantime, I'm going on a short hiatus Visiting My parents [Which I am not Proud of at all!] Whatever, Well in other news, I'll be attending a Comic-con in the East Coast soon as an Attendee and if anyone seems interested please PM or Contact me in any Social Networks sites I've put up. A lot of Folks asked me this Simple Question but I have a Simple Answer to it. Which is "Why Don't you have a Personal Facebook?"  Well, To make a long Story short I don't want to face Harassment again from anyone on Facebook. A Former member here started Loathing me to the point that it's best for me not to Start a Facebook Account again. I Apologize if anyone wanted to add me as a friend on Facebook but decided that they can't! That one person ruined it for me and everyone who still cared about me. Enough about that, I'll be Locating somewhere in Southern California and yet...


                  This Hiatus is basically just going back to my hometown AKA Atlanta, Georgia and then move back in CA because I have a lot of stuff to do in California in general. Like I mentioned before, I'm a busy person that doesn't like Wasting time doing nothing. Which also means, I'll be holding my current Flash Projects unless I can Finish them on time before the big Transition of my Move. I'm not proud of doing this and I wish My Parents would stop nagging for crying out LOUD! I wish I was a stable as the other folks and Animators who also live in the same area as I. Unfortunately, Only a Few can make it out in CA without facing Problems with Money. The Last thing I wanted to say is, Yes R.I.P. Avicii Like Brandon Lee he died at the age of 28. Different causes but the same age when they were both Deceased. Good and Talented people usually Pass away earlier than regular Humans, That's how I usually look at life in General!