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Birthday Past, BronyCon and future updates.....

Posted by MonsieurZim - 1 month ago

Well, My Birthday just passed. Yet, I have gotten a lot of hate in the past. I’m trying to forget all about it and move on! I’m a year older now, yet I am Confirmed for one of my Final Cons for this year. More like Semi-Final but it’s a Con known as “BronyCon.” You see, I first sort of resisted MLP:FiM at first. Then in late 2016, A buddy of mine kind of showed me MLP stuff at an Anime Con in Colorado. Yet, I was really skeptical at the time. Sooner or later, I became a Brony but I wasn’t aware much about MLP Cons much.

I just know that one of the people I have a Feud to this day is still in the Fandom, however dropped out of the Community a while back. This gives me the Advantage, which kind of gotten me into these things. Anyhow, Enough about that.... I’m working on a couple of Animation Projects in the future. Mostly Non-Mlp Related and I really would go back to Anime in 2020.

Yeah I am also aware that Animate (aka Flash) would stop supporting Flash Player next year. Which to me isn’t much of a concern, However.... I can’t Guarantee much about how my stuff is gonna be Physically Published without issues. Anyhow, My Final Con that I will attend this year is Boston Fan Expo! I am lucky to even attend that con, because Normally I don’t attend Cons up the NE unless it’s a really good Con. Yet, I will have to do less and less Cons in the future, unless I can become a Professional VA or something that can get me into these things without much hassle.

Sorry if this seems like a long Blog Post. I don’t post here often anymore, It’s because of my Hefty Schedule it’s hard for me to be Active here at times. However, I’ll try to update here as much as possible. I’ll do what most people won’t have time for, One of those goals is for me to reach to the Final Level of this website. It might seem like a difficult task, however nothing is impossible if you put your mind to it.



P.S. I am aware that the Area which I lived has had Natural disasters these past few weeks. Please don’t comment like the Guys in my Twitter, It’s really Inappropriate and I just had enough Negativity and Hatred for this month.