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Street Fighter Chode Street Fighter Chode

Rated 4 / 5 stars

It was good Classic and people like RC made a whole entity about hating me, She is a Delusional Scoundrel and You've proved a point She hasn't changed a freaking bit since 2008. You know, I really like this Flash because you really have her the middle finger even adding her as Credit! I can't believe she Still hasn't changed. She pulled a Restraining order that I'm planning on her but her Alaskan Supremacy Forgot that Asians aka us are the REAL Eskimos that also helped in Dirty Jobs by Dismantling King Crab Legs and she hates us because We live in a large Mansion why.....? Because I am not Japanese. I really like the Scene how you depicted her so badly that it made me laughed so hard and forget about that Pervert! Besides, It's not my fault White Pages website showed her Family member's name. She was like "Holy Shit, OMG He knows my Daddy's name??" I'm just like LOL ROFLMFAO.............. Also............. I can make something similar for your Chode to hold attribute calamity to this but My Version can get Flagged Pretty quickly so, Good Job and Keep making Flash! at least the Yaoi was taken like a Real Sexy man! Besides, I can Animate and I'm working on something that I heavily edit because of Her Commie demanding Flaming Negativity so yeah........... It's not gonna get released within a year due to Buggy Audio :C

LL - Lock Legion Shorts LL - Lock Legion Shorts

Rated 4 / 5 stars

LOL, OMG your Hilarious........ Yeah, well Thanks for including me as an Emo because Thanks to you group of low-lives I am no longer in LL anymore. In fact, some of you guys were Certified hacks because Ytmnd got hacked because they were flaming LL as being gay towards Wade. But I like the Flash about because it has some Compilation and yet someone even called me a N00b just made me feel like a Pro because I got out of your Group of well Unwanted, Evil people who based Wade in a Tank with a Racial Slur as your "N" Besides, I'm gonna include you in my next LL flash. If you want to flame me in my PM go ahead, I blocked you and other Locks so I lol. It would be a Final Flash and it wouldn't be released in NG. It would be released in YouTube, It's basically a Abandonment Flash but If someone told you everything that is Not Flash, or Software related you will feel stuck for 8 minutes and mention about Bacon! Why would I care if you eat bacon? Geez, sure you can even make a whole anti-KNL League and crap but does it look like I care? Nope, Pissing me off is extremely hard just like Me pissing you off! Besides, I quit LL because what one guy told me the dark Secret about it. Thank PumpkinLock or MarkerLock. He told me a dark secret and it's gonna be used as reference for my Final Lock Legion Flash! So, Goodnight and fun Flash oh boy............ From me being extinct from making flash for over 3 years lol!

MasterLock responds:

dude that was like 10 years ago

Brian Small Brian Small

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Wow, Very Expressive and yet an emotional outcome although, The Crazy part was the illuminati effect otherwise I like this animation, It did talk a lot about Enprisonment and what people will end up in Prison even for a Lifetime...

It makes anyone including me thinks twice about heading to Prison. Yeah, It's not a Good Place, I knew some BAD guys that ended up there! I don't want to end up like that guy, Seriously a Lesson well Learned about Life :) Thanks ~ZimDragonlord

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MisterHerbal responds:

Thanks man, i'm glad it hit you on a certain level.

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Terrible Teeth Demo Terrible Teeth Demo

Rated 4 / 5 stars

not bad for a Great Platform and also this is great now all I need to do is to figure out how to get the Coins... I Jumped once however I couldn't get the coins Properly.. Also I think It's cool... Besides that, It's pretty well made I also like it when you introduce a good Tutorial in the first Level... Unlike Games that doesn't introduce them... which Annoys me... Anyways Cool Concept and I like it, Nice work as always and keep making cool stuff LiLg ~ZDL

operation: zimblermen operation: zimblermen

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Interesting, You should learn more interactivity.... That is pretty cool and it's name after me.... You should make enemies attack you further kind of like a Zombie game!! Now that's awesome You work should work more in my Team! Trust me, You'll Love me as a good buddy!

Tower Of Evil Tower Of Evil

Rated 3 / 5 stars

Pretty Interesting, For a A skilled Puzzle Game, now this is what every AS2/3 Person must make For a cool Flash! You sir/Madam have unique skills!

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JoeRice responds:


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Saucy Bird Podcast #5 Saucy Bird Podcast #5

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Not bad, I was thinking making an Enoazasa News of Randomness. Your voice might suit as a funny Happy Hilarious Anchorman. Nice job, bro! You Teamed up with someone and I like Visual sound effects in the beginning well, You have my word for an interesting Short Flash project if you're interested! Yeah, I like the Jokes and the you guys relaxed within this clip. I could listen to this all day everyday if I felt like it lol! Good work man, keep at it and I might need a voice like you and your buddy's. To promote a funny Collaboration in the Future!

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saucybird responds:

heheheh glad ya liked, but oh man soon (next thursday) i will be gone so if it's gonna be something that's coming up hit up SupahFox and Sibor for voice stuff cause they'd be down like brown cows

Nayupenda's Voice Demo Nayupenda's Voice Demo

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

hat's very emotional your awesome, They need V-Actors just like you where I'm from! That's awesome and I may acquire you to do a Minor Scene in my Latest Flash Project. I just want you to see if you can do something like this as a Bartender. Good Emotional Aspects. Which I like and would like to hear your voice more. Take this from an Experienced guy that had a lot of bad people who ended up suing me while my junk got Photoshopped. I just think you better than her. Way better, Son! Trust me, She can SkullyRain but everyone knows that from Tay Zonday Originally! You have a good Control of your voice unlike me :C Have a Nice and Awesome day for you LAD!

Apathy [Instrumental] Apathy [Instrumental]

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Nice, I like it Although As a Techno Artist you shall Improve on different Melodies! I think it's Superb Otherwise.. It Sounds a Bit Jazzy and Yeah It's Pretty Neat! I like it, I suppose It's kind of Catchy.... I say, I haven't seen much Woman like you who can Make pretty Decent Music! That's a Good Sign However... I like Fusion too I prefer Dub-step because it's like Rock meets Trance Type melody although your Metronome of the Beats can Vary! That's the Only Critique and Hint I shall Provide!

Wilhiemthe2nd responds:

Thank you very much for taking the time to review. The repetition in melody at 5:08 onward was intentional, cause epic feeling. I didn't really know Fusion was actually a genre, I just couldn't think of how to describe this piece. I never been good at writing percussion. ^^;

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Moonlit Moonlit

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Besides with her Great largely breast nipple is too popped up from my perspective! I think you did a Super decent job, Otherwise! Sexy to say the least but the background isn't Foggy enough and that grass seem a bit tall. However, She remind me of Riven from League of Legends [Please don't Judge me because I heard about the game but Never played it] At least the shadow is good but not too realistic and everything else looks beyond better than what I can do!

oc#1 oc#1

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

You did a good Highlight on her hair however, Her shoes are a bit small. I think your eye to ear ratio is a bit sloppy however I like the way you colored this Character and since it's Wreck it Ralph you earned the half star. I mean she is actually based on the Mass effect 2-3 Character as a Female Shepherd and It isn't the best RPG game because I prefer Elder Scrolls Online or the 6th one. Her upper bust seems like she's sort of Anorexic but otherwise you did a pretty Splendid job and I think you have some Potential within you!

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KingSid1412 responds:

ha ha thanx for the review zimdragonlord.....glad u liked it....I am trying to get better u c...keep reviewing ok...thanx again :)

Alula Alula

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

not bad, Although her lips seem a bit big Otherwise you did Great! Nice and Decent Concept I suppose ^_^!