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Only Life's Right is a Human Right, Part of being human is a struggle of being Together. If a reality has no ending then this is not what a world we ought to set for. Next to Life, there is an afterworld it's just we can't come back from the living.

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Well........ It's been a while for me to post stuff on Newgrounds. I don't have much news nowadays but.... I will say this A lot of people HATED me on Tumblr, but some people Followed me on my Tumblr. Welcome Friends, So I am keeping Track of Random Holidays other than the usual Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa. Where I do I fit in? I'm no longer Christian and the fact that I have plans for 2019. Unlike, Some Artists and Members here I am Fortunate Enough to Get a house in California. That will start sometime next year and I hope no one knows where I live because I've already Attracted a lot of haters in both CA and GA. But, Still what is there to lose?  Not much.... I guess, the best way of explaining this month is I'm kind of busy and I'm making a comeback to the west coast soon. I have thought about Voice Acting for a while, it may lead to risk of me being Targeted by Haters but hey........ Nothing last forever not even me.  Hopefully, I will get a job or occupation that will make me survive in the long term.... I was hoping Voice Acting would be it but I won't be in CA forever because I have thought about moving elsewhere in the future.

In Other news, I have bought tickets for 2 Conventions for Next Year. If anyone meet me by then, Feel free to PM me and tell me who you are so I can add you for next year! I will go more than 2 but it's not 2019 yet, so it's difficult to say. I'm still working on Some projects and nowadays people want me to Animate some NSFW stuff. I don't feel comfortable doing it however, I've gotten Plenty of Requests for such Content... If Anyone needs me feel free to message me anytime. Have a Great Holiday and a Wonderful New years!

à plus tard au revoir! [See you later, bye!]

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NomNom 5 Points

Find 32 muffins!

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Complete the game!

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Click on a Charitable Link.

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Reach $10,000 in credit.

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Win with 6 rows of cash.

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Win with 5 rows of platinum bars.

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Get 100 spins in a single game.

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