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Only Life's Right is a Human Right, Part of being human is a struggle of being Together. If a reality has no ending then this is not what a world we ought to set for. Next to Life, there is an afterworld it's just we can't come back from the living.

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Hallo, Bonjour, Hello, and Ciao!

I am here to say that I've faced a month worth of depression. Luckily, Time went on I got over it... That leads me to my next stuff. MFL [Midnight Frontier Legion] Episode 2 is coming soon, Usually I'll scrap that Project but I have so many people involved in that episode. The only person I'm missing are 1-2 Voice Actresses that could voice 2 of my upcoming characters. But that isn't the main reason why I tried posting a new update. The reason why I'm making the News Post is because what I'm planning to do in 2019 and beyond. For now, I'm going to the Conventions I've mentioned in my earlier post but in the future, I might have to go to less and less Cons due to my new Occupation. There's sacrifice there and here but, I won't be as active here as much as I wanted to. That being said,

My personal life has been taken a huge toll and I am planning to either move out of state or move somewhere where no one should know. I'm quite a busy fellow and I don't think I have even time for a relationship nowadays. People kept asking me if I have a Boy or Girlfriend, I tend not to respond because well.... It's complicated to date someone and forget about the stuff that I need to do. I've been working effortlessly and tirelessly to survive on my own. It's not easy, but nothing is easy in real life. The real world is tough but I've managed to pull through a few strings. I get it, I've been a jerk back then and I'm trying to change that. Sometimes, I have to face Consequences and earned a few rewards there and here. I guess I can say that I'm still trying no matter what the circumstances are right now. I dropped out of College because the fact, my College shut down recently.. Sucks eh? Well, not everyone has their fair share of a College degree because I sure don't. If I were to get back to College, it won't be easy to learn some stuff unlike some folks.

There are some advantages and disadvantages of being older than others in School. But, What I learn is that we will always be learning until the end of our lives. We will never stop learning and thriving what awaits us. I'm getting to the point of my life, where being a man is very difficult. I shall say that, during my free time I either go on the internet or just travel to my local library for some peace and quiet. I don't play video games as much as before and I don't have too many interests unlike before. I am aware that some fandoms are ending this year, but I hope I can attend some of these events before it ends forever. I just want my past stay the past, although some people I dealt with won't change. Fine by me, I'll be the change. I'm just hoping there will be new friends to socialize with at the end of this year. If anything goes wrong well, I just hope that I can resolve these situations without acts of violence this time. It's just a good way of being different for once.

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